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Different figures of speech


Figures of speech

Is the word or phrase dramatic effect. Figure of speech left in their literal meaning cannot convey meaning intended in other words is the figurative language inform of single word or phrase. It can be especial repetition arrangement or omission of words with lateral meaning of phrase with specialized meaning not based on lateral meaning of the word.

Killings two birds with one stone

Means to succeed in achieving two things in a single action. This phrases originated in the 1600s. Example when someone went for the interview, he or she caught up with a few old colleagues who now work there. Another example, when someone gone to Mumbai on business trip while there he/she visited with his/her relative also.

I have been told you thousand times

Means use of exaggeration for emphasis or effect extremeare common used in writing but they are also frequently used every day language Example I am so hungry I could eat at horse

Action speak lauder than words

When we say action speak lauder than words, it means that peoples action shows their real attitude, rather than what they just say. This phrases is sometimes used to advice a person to do something positive

 “You will do something does note means much actually doing the harder and more meaningful”

Beggars can’t be choosers

If you ask for a someone else you have to take whatever they give you

Life is a temporary

This means that in a journey you find a straight winding ups and downs in a road the small find some time life will be good in your side, sometime your life will going down economically and another time you will going up and also there are time some obstacles will follow you.

His words cut deeper than a knife.

Means words don’t materialize into sharper object. In this metaphor someone has said something hurtful to another.

Broken heat

Means just feeling heart and sad

He ran like the wind

Here “like the wind” is a figure of speech called a simile means something different to what  it says on the surface.

Your argument is sound, nothing but sound

The word sound in first instance is means solid or reasonable. The second instance of sound means empty.


In general figures of speech enhance the author’s creation. This is true of any genre and any form of writing. The effective use of figure of speech brinks to life what would have been the mere words, phrases and sentences. The express the authors intent and take the reader on a journey through what he or she experienced or imagine or witnessed at a specific period or periods in time. It brings beauty, emphasis and clarity to what could have been just a mundane and impoverished rendition.

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